June 16, 2017 Jason Uzarraga

Wedding Hashtag? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Start Sharing It with your Guests Today

5 Simple Ways to Share Your Wedding Hashtag

To many couples their wedding hashtag holds much significance—it’s the public display of social nuptial acceptance! The social form of a “supercouple name mashup” like Brangelina or Kimye. Ok, maybe not the official display of nuptial acceptance, but a very close second.

So the big question: “We got this great wedding hashtag, now how do we share it with our friends and family?” It’s actually pretty simple and there are only a few things you probably need to do from now until the big day.

Start using your wedding hashtag today!

From this point on, when you are doing anything “wedding-related” or “couple-related” use your wedding hashtag. If you want to keep things sacred and not reveal too much, don’t go into detail with your posts but post “moments” from your moments (does that make sense or is it too vague?) Here’s an example: “take and share moments at the cake tasting, but don’t reveal the cake you chose”—making sense now?

Share your hashtag on the “Save the Dates”

This may be the actual moment that you reveal your “wedding hashtag” and when people may start paying attention… you know, after the moment you reveal when you’re actually getting married. It’s in this “document of declaration” when you solidify to your friends and family the utmost important and intimate details of your special day—and announcing the fact that from this point on you will be documenting your wedding journey on social media with this unique hashtag.

Add your hashtag in your wedding invitation

At this point, your friends and family probably have a good sense that this wedding hashtag is sticking around and not disappearing anytime soon. By placing it in your invitation you are solidifying the fact that the date is set, you are planning to marry whomever you said in the invitation and that this wedding hashtag is what you are going to use as your way of capturing your wedding journey on social media.

Put your hashtag on your wedding website

Many couples today are launching a mini wedding website, this is definitely a great way to share last minute details, messages and notification to your guests. This is also a great way to share your wedding hashtag once more and display to your guests the content that already live on social media through the use of various social plugins, modules or components.

Challenge your friends and family

Want to get your friends and family involved in using your wedding hashtag while creating your social media wedding story at the same time? Simply ask them to post or repost memories of you growing up or moments of you as a couple just beginning your journey and share it with your hashtag.

If you have more ideas or want to share what you’ve done to make your wedding hashtag a pinnacle part of your special day, email us at main@tictactag.com.

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