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With the introduction of hashtag printing in 2015 the time for the hashtag revolution is just about to explode. Stay ahead of the competition.
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Looking to start an innovative & unique business that you can really call your own? With more than 1 billion users already fully engaged in social media and active on both Instagram and Twitter — this is an exciting time for hashtag printing.

What is hashtag printing in a nutshell?
Hashtag printing is simply giving your guests the ability to post on Instagram or Twitter with a event #hashtag to receive a 4×6 branded photo of their post in seconds. These are the three (3) steps that you guests will need to know:

Take your photo
Your guests can now freely take photos anywhere and at anytime—using their own smartphones.

Tag your photo
Have them post to Instagram or Twitter using the unique event hashtag. A great way to build awareness and share the event to their friends.

Grab your photo
As a thank you for sharing the event on social media, their posted photo prints out automatically on a branded 4×6 template.

The introduction and unique presentation of our system is so brand new to this market and industry that the demand for this service is expanding rapidly. The ideas of implementation to any event or brand activation is endless.

To help you succeed, we have not only put together the perfect system setup, but we have put together a solid team of content creators and strategists to help you become a leader with this service. All of this information will be available on a password protected section of our site and available to all of our clients who purchase a system. Our plan is to continue the growth of this community and help guide you through the latest trends and ideas.

  • Having the Box takes out the all the guess-work and headache in having to figure out how to showcase our hashtag printer at events. So simple and elegant, it’s a great add-on to any event.

    Jon O.
  • Within the wedding industry the Box combines the fun and innovation that all the younger couples are looking for without taking away from the elegance and beauty of the overall theme.

    Jessica U

'The Box' Packages

When you purchase a hashtag box from us we make sure that you get all you need to get started. Here are three (3) great packages for you to choose from. Choose whichever best fits your current situation


Advantages of a Hashtag Printer

Here’s are six (6) advantages of a hashtag printer over the traditional Photo Booth

Shoot from anywhere, anytime

No more long lines to the photo booth, now your guests can take photos from anywhere in the venue and simply share to Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag.

Build your social story

The fun doesn’t have to wait for the event. Your client can start sharing on their hashtag today and begin building their social story. On the day-of you can download and print all the existing photos and display them for the guests to pick up.

Get the shot you want

With the advanced filters that Instagram provides, guests now have the ability to get the photos they want—no more taking chances on how your photo will come out.

Grow your social footprint

Brands love the organic marketing caused by guests posting relevant images to receive their photo. This opens new doors for communication, engagement and online marketing.

Brandable Templates

With a 4×6 template, this canvas opens opportunities to be more creative and brandable than your standard 2×6 strip.

Advanced photo effects

With programs such as Instagram, Boomerang, Snapchat and so much more. Guests have the ability to create GIFs, Augmented Reality and so much more in the palm of their hands.

Custom Box

All our boxes are custom built by our local wood workers. The materials are made from reclaimed wood gathered from barns and farm houses. Every box has a story and personality to bring to every event.

Photo Printer

We have equipped our packaged systems with the best industry standard dye-sub printers—the CIATT Brava21 can print out a photo every 11 seconds.

This printer will give you high-quality products at lightning speeds. Great for large parties where there will be tons of traffic.

The Trunk

With the “Rustic Charm” or “Lights Out” package, your system comes with a specialized designed naked trunk with custom foam inserts. This is a great way to transport your all-in-one system and store it for protection.

In-House System Setup

We will setup your tablet with our Tic-Tac-Tag software and ensure that everything will be ready for you out-of-the-box. We will also install the printer drivers and make sure you won’t have anything to worry about. Every system will be tested and approved from our QA team before we ship them out.

Access to our Online Tools and Resources

Whether you purchase just our box or full packages, you will receive access to our online tools and resources. This password-protected section of our website will have a wealth of information and content that you can use to build a successful hashtag printer business.