5 Key Elements to Help Jumpstart Your Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning can be tough, but these days there are five key elements you should establish to ensure that the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly. We’ll run through them real quick right here so you can get back to your planning.

Pick out your wedding theme

Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme

This is important  because it sets up the rest of your planning—from the colors that you use to the dress that you wear—the theme dictates the tone of your entire wedding.  Here is a quick guide that will help open your eyes to the endless possibilities.

Colors and fonts

Colors and fonts

Colors and fonts

Believe it or not but aesthetics really plays a large role in motivating you to continually progress in your goal of achieving your perfect wedding.  This is a great flow right after you’ve figured out your theme, because this will now help guide you in picking out the right color dress for the bridesmaids as well as the colors for the groomsmen and ultimately the groom.  The Knot actually has a great assortment of tools to help you decide on the right color and get you on the right track.




Why is the venue a pinnacle area to decide?  The venue helps reinforce everything that you have decided up to this point.  Take for instance, if your theme was rustic, the only thing that would help take it to the top and reinforce your whole vision is by having your wedding at a barnfactoryvineyard, etc.  Although a banquet hall may work as well when decorated correctly, but let’s be honest, a vineyard be a great solution to give that real, rustic feel without having to create that feel in a banquet hall.

Wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtag

Couples these days have pretty much grown up in the cusp of technology and with that comes social media.  So why is having a wedding hashtag important? This helps centralize all your guests posts and communication when sharing your event on Instagram or Twitter.  Whether your wedding is plugged or unplugged, guests will not miss their chance to take photos with long-time friends and families.  Give them the chance to share those special moments and connections with you—because that’s what weddings are all about—the bringing together of friends and families to celebrate a special time in your life, capturing every moment.  Look at hashtag printing companies such as Tic-Tac-Tag to help enhance your guest’s experience.

Budget… Budget… Budget



Before you get caught in your wedding fantasy, you should know your budget. Once you know what number you need to stay within, it will help decipher how you are going to approach the wedding planning phase and where you will need roll up your sleeves and get creative with your support team (bridesmaids, groomsmen, sponsors, etc.) to get the job done. Weddingwire has a great tool to help you get started.

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Tic-Tac-Tag Launches “The Box”: Packaged Hashtag Printer Systems You Can Own

Own Your Own Box

With the tremendous popularity of hashtag printing in the age of social media, Tic-Tac-Tag is making it easy for individuals to start a hashtag printing business in their city or existing businesses to add this great service to their current offerings.

“Hashtag printing is not a new technology, it just hasn’t been presented the right way.”

Tic-Tac-Tag has used and activated their hashtag printing service for various brand activations — it truly makes sense from a digital marketing perspective, having guests amplify a brand’s #hashtag and really create that open dialogue while being rewarded with a print out; their main objective is to push this technology into the consumer market.

Markets such as the wedding industry, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate holiday parties have really embraced the use of #hashtags…but to bring in a hashtag printer into the mix as an alternative to a photobooth is still unheard of.

Paving the way

Tic-Tac-Tag has really paved the way into this market by simply presenting the hashtag printer in a different style. “Hashtag printing is not a new technology; it just hasn’t been presented the right way” says Jason. “For example, when we deal with a bride or groom, they are envisioning their reception with an elegant look-and-feel in-mind — if we presented our system without our box and just a printer, it’s a hard sell.”

Tic-Tac-Tag creates a look that really fits into any situation, combining innovative technology with a simple style and minimal design. Their rustic boxes do just that while bringing a sense of charm into any event — with its simple lines and natural stains their boxes are non-intrusive and very inviting.

Interested in getting your own “Box” Take a look at the packages we have.

“We’ve been doing this now since 2015 and feel that we have found a formula that really works” says Jessica. “We now want to share our experience with up-and-coming businesses that want to get involved with hashtag printing.”

With their packaged system, anyone can be up-and-running within hours. “We make sure that everything is connected and working properly before our package ever leaves the warehouse. It’s just another service that we do to give our clients a peace-of-mind” says Jason.

Elevate Hashtag Printing

If more businesses take the time and really enhance their hashtag printing services the right way, Tic-Tac-Tag can aid in creating awareness and increasing the demand for this type of service within the consumer market. By selling their packaged systems to new business owners as well as the existing ones, they hope that they can equip these businesses with the tools they need to really give this service the spotlight it deserves.

Get more information about our “Box” Take a look at the packages we have.

We’re the Official #Hashtag Printer for Indie Wed 2018

The time of year has come again for all those couples who are looking for “something unique” to have at their wedding. What is that service, product or gift that will make your special day truly stand out, come and find out. Indie Wed will be in Chicago on February 3, 2018 at the Ravenswood Event Center from 10a–4p. So come early and stay till they close as there will be over 100 vendors ready to share with you how they can make your day unforgettable.

Do you have a wedding hashtag? Are you looking into having a photo booth? Then you’ll love what we can provide. Your guests will already be sharing your wedding on Instagram or Twitter all day, give them another good reason and a “thank you” gift whenever they use your unique wedding hashtag—when guests posts to Instagram or Twitter with your special wedding hashtag, a 4×6 photo will print out automatically from our printer in seconds for them to pick up and enjoy.

Tic-Tac-Tag will be activating on the second floor of Indie Wed with the hashtag #IndieWed — Booth #59 — come up there and see how we can make your day extra special and while your up there try out our printer.

Plenty of free parking available along Ravenswood Ave. The venue is also 1/2 block north of the Irving Park brown line station.

Indie Wed will feature:

  • Amazing vendors from the Midwest and beyond
  • Three (3) full floors of vendors
  • Food & beverage tastings
  • Musical performances
  • Wandering models featuring spectacular bridal fashions
  • Reusable canvas swag bag to the first 50 brides/grooms-to-be in line (1 per household)
  • A special Wedtoberfest-themed lounge with lots of surprises
  • and much more

Please note that online ticket sales end at 12 pm on Friday, February 2, 2018

Tickets are priced as follows:

  • Advanced Online = $15/single or $25 /couple
  • Day Of / At The Door = $20/person cash or through app online
Buy your tickets

Why The Hashtag Printing Trend Is Heating Up

Hashtag Printing Trend

It’s all about the souvenir photo, when it comes to conferences and festivals these days. It seems that any and every gathering worth its digital weight is incorporating the hashtag printing station. Not only are they turning up everywhere; but the station and its surrounding vicinity is like a magnet, attracting people from the time the venue doors open to the time they close. This is all thanks to a little piece of technology known as the hashtag printer. But why, in an era that promotes an ephemeral tech experience, does the contemporary event attendee love a tangible photo-to-go, and how did this small bit of technology get on the “it” list?

It’s an interesting question given today’s fast-paced world. As focused as an attendee may be on speed-networking, dart-in film viewing, and drive-by panel listening, people will stop and actually take a photo at a designated location if they know that once they place that photo on Instagram or Twitter with a previously assigned hashtag, they can also obtain the same photo from a station in their hands within just seconds. Call it the Hashtag Printer Effect which, although such printers have been on the scene for a bit, seems to be growing in popularity and a making its way as an emerging trend just the last few months.

Here’s how it works. Though there are some variations, basically there is software that speaks to a printer. Not just any printer, mind you. It’s a printer is specifically made to connect to the Internet. The printer is programmed to scan for a particular hashtag(s) and then pulls them. The printer then automatically prints all the photos for the appointed hashtag(s), until last man standing at said event. Sometimes the printer station even includes a big touchscreen with an ever-updating grid of thumbnail pictures that shows all the photos already taken, which can be tapped, enlarged, viewed, and even printed again. Sometimes the area includes just a good old fashioned large easel-of-sorts where an assistant is madly pulling the photos and sticking them to the area as people hunt curiously for their own while observing all the others as if they are museum pieces. It’s fascinating to watch this in action. Typically the modem inside printer connects to Wi-Fi, 3G, or a 4G LTE, and the whole thing needs nothing more than an electrical outlet to start the photo fun. Some printers can even have handle the printing of up to 300 pictures from a single color cartridge.

Interested in getting a hashtag printer for your next event?  Book us today!

The whole scenario is rather ingenious because the technology encourages social media exposure of an event and/or brand while also offering a printed souvenir from the event. The prints, themselves, can even be branded. More importantly this is about technology driving engagement and impressions. Case studies involving names from Acura to the University of Michigan can range from a reach of a few hundred thousand to half a billion!

While reported last year as an area-to-watch, it seems that the hashtag printing phenomenon will become a bonafide hit. This could be due in large part to the fact that a large part of the Millennial demographic gravitates toward experience. Millennials, for the most part, are on social media platforms. Thus, capturing experience via social is a a winner. But the reason is greater than mere mechanics. According to nationalpsychology.com, we like souvenirs because they preserve the past. Apparently, that’s still worth something. It helps us ground in a world rife with disruption. There’s also a kind of cool factor involved that intersects with instant gratification. You can get it in seconds, but you can’t just get it anywhere – yet. In essence, the hashtag printer is speaking today’s lifestyle language. Plus, the smaller versions literally fits inside the center of the palm of your hand driving the cute factor up even higher. The old school photo booth, with its questionable quality, gets a major face-lift (pun intended). And it’s all provided for free thanks to the conference, sponsor, event. Who knew that printers could create fervor?

Source: Forbes.com

Recap: Indie Wed 2017

Indie Wed Recap

Indie Wed Recap

3:00pm, Friday, we finished setting up for the big day. We really didn’t know what to expect, this wasn’t our first wedding expo, so we figured it was going to be like the others we participated in.

Doors opened at 11am on Saturday, silence, all we heard was the small talk happening with our neighboring vendors nothing more. We were after all on the second floor, so we knew that guests were not going to get to us for another 15-to-20 minutes.

Then it happened, the first couple arrived, bright-eyed and excited to see what was waiting for them on the second floor—music began to play from the floor DJ and then the crowd grew and grew… and grew.

“Does your wedding have a hashtag?”

30 minutes into the expo our floor was jam packed. Jessica and I were bombarded by so many interested and inquiring couples, many of which never heard or seen of a service such as ours. Every time I saw a new couple walk by I had to figure out a quick way to flag them down before it was too late—”Does your wedding have a hashtag?”—that was the key question that caused many to stop and talk.

Wedding Hashtag

You see many couples these days are coming out with a wedding hashtag, “why you ask?” Simple, because we are living in a time where social media is rampant and the only natural way to organize tweets, posts and photos that are relevant to a certain time, subject or event is by using a hashtag.

It’s true, you want to see what people are saying about sneakers, type in #sneakers, you want to follow a particular movement, type in something like #blacklivesmatter you want to follow a wedding couple, type in the wedding hashtag such as #Eilers2016.

Couples today are more tech savvy and are open to using technology at their weddings. Don’t get me wrong, there are a fair share of couples out there that follow the “unplugged” rule. But at the end of the day weddings are a joyous occasion that are meant to be shared—for some it may be their only one, so get as much opportunity as you can to document and capture all the moments your wedding has to give.

But when it comes to guests actually using the wedding hashtag—this is where we shine. For many people, unless you get something for your efforts you usually won’t give anything. That is why the question “Does your wedding have a hashtag?” comes into play. Many couples spend hours upon hours coming up with the best hashtag, but then the thinking stops there. What do I do next? How do I get my friends and family to use it? Why should they use it? Simply posting your wedding hashtag on your napkins and invitations are good, but let’s be honest, who’s going to do it when there is no reward.

Many guests were ecstatic to learn about our service because it answered a lot of their questions

  • Incentivize your guests: Guests will receive a print out of the photo they just posted with the wedding hashtag
  • Real-time giveaways: Guests walk away with a remembrance of the wedding and not just a bottle of bubbles
  • Build your wedding story: The more your guest’s post, the more moments of your wedding gets captured—plain and simple
  • Skip the lines: No more long lines to the photo booth. This means have your guests take advantage of the venue you paid $$$ for and take photos from anywhere and at anytime
  • Don’t put your guests in a tiny box: Now guests have the opportunity to take large selfies and not worry about having just their elbow in the picture

What Guests Love

In speaking with the couples that came to Indie Wed and stopped by our booth, we found that they came for a few good reasons:

  1. Eclectic styles and ideas
  2. Unique vibe and rustic inspiration
  3. To find something new and different

We definitely answered number 2 and number 3, I wouldn’t say we’re eclectic, but hey, maybe some of the designs of the photo template could be considered eclectic—in which case, then we can answer number 1 as well.

All-in-all, the couples we met had a great time at Indie Wed 2017, they met many different types of vendors and came out more inspired to challenge their creativity for their most important day ever. Keep dreaming, we’re here to help.

5 reasons why you should have a Wedding Hashtag

5 reasons why you should have a Wedding Hashtag

With the popularity of Instagram and Twitter growing on a daily basis, brands and companies are jumping in feet first and owning unique hashtags. These hashtags ultimately help index and share the story of the larger conversation within a social platform.

But now couples are getting in on it, and want to build their wedding stories on Instagram and Twitter. Couples such as

  • #Eilers2016
  • #BandDAreMeantToBe
  • #StaceyGetsHandaled

With Tic-Tac-Tag at their reception, their guests get another good reason to snap and share—they’re photos get printed AUTOMATICALLY in real-time after they post with the wedding hashtag. Here is an activation that we just did with Christopher and Margaret Grady and they’re hashtag #TheRestIsGrady.

If you are interested in learning more, or even seeing if we are available on your wedding date, please contact us as soon as possible. Our 2017 calendar is filling up fast as well as our 2018 calendar.