Digital Mosaics Can Now Be Created with Your Event Hashtag

Real-Time Hashtag Created Digital Mosaic

Its been in the talks for a while…now its finally here!  We are rolling out a new service to our clients — Digital Mosaics*.

Along with the real-time print-outs of your guests’ Instagram or Twitter posts, your guests can now enjoy the challenge of revealing a mosaic image through their collaborative efforts of social posts.

This type of engagement within any brand activation or corporate event can definitely amplify and increase the social footprint in a small amount of time; building this sense of wonder will also develop community within your event through the common goal of completing a task through a joint effort.

How it works

The implementation is quite simple, because the mosaic is built digitally.  A true installation is not necessary—the mosaic can be displayed on a monitor, projected to a wall or shared on various screens throughout a venue.

After the setup is complete, just like before, all your guests would need to do is:

  1. Take their photo
  2. Post it to Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag (public accounts only)
  3. Pick up their photo and watch the mosaic populate. Simple.

Here are a few example screens:

Digital Mosaic Wall

Amplify Brand Activations


Digital Mosaic Wall

Build Community within your Organization


Digital Mosaic for Weddings

Come Together at Weddings


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Advantages of a Digital Mosaic

Clients are always looking for a fun and different way to build buzz and engagement within the experiential space. Many times, executions are not very versatile and because of that cannot be transferred from one execution to another without major adjustments.  Because our mosaics are digital, they can be projected on a wall for one event and then, depending on the footprint, displayed on a monitor for the next.

Goals can also be adjusted before every event making sure the image is attainable for any size event. If the attendance is smaller than other events, the goal can be adjusted (i.e.”300 posts to complete the image to 80 public posts”).

How We’ve Helped Brands in the Past

Tic-Tac-Tag Brands is the experiential marketing arm for Tic-Tac-Tag. We have helped various brands strategize, implement and execute their on-site activations through our services and technology. Our efforts in real-time hashtag printing alone, have had much success in building an open dialogue between the brand and user in a space where brands needed to tread lightly in the past.

Digital Mosaics is another way to create buzz and excitement, in a space where brands want to engage with their users in a more personal & creative level.

Here are some sample implementations of the digital mosaic:

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*Digital Mosaics is in the final phase of beta-testing. Launching in Summer 2018.

Tic-Tac-Tag Launches “The Box”: Packaged Hashtag Printer Systems You Can Own

Own Your Own Box

With the tremendous popularity of hashtag printing in the age of social media, Tic-Tac-Tag is making it easy for individuals to start a hashtag printing business in their city or existing businesses to add this great service to their current offerings.

“Hashtag printing is not a new technology, it just hasn’t been presented the right way.”

Tic-Tac-Tag has used and activated their hashtag printing service for various brand activations — it truly makes sense from a digital marketing perspective, having guests amplify a brand’s #hashtag and really create that open dialogue while being rewarded with a print out; their main objective is to push this technology into the consumer market.

Markets such as the wedding industry, birthdays, anniversaries and even corporate holiday parties have really embraced the use of #hashtags…but to bring in a hashtag printer into the mix as an alternative to a photobooth is still unheard of.

Paving the way

Tic-Tac-Tag has really paved the way into this market by simply presenting the hashtag printer in a different style. “Hashtag printing is not a new technology; it just hasn’t been presented the right way” says Jason. “For example, when we deal with a bride or groom, they are envisioning their reception with an elegant look-and-feel in-mind — if we presented our system without our box and just a printer, it’s a hard sell.”

Tic-Tac-Tag creates a look that really fits into any situation, combining innovative technology with a simple style and minimal design. Their rustic boxes do just that while bringing a sense of charm into any event — with its simple lines and natural stains their boxes are non-intrusive and very inviting.

Interested in getting your own “Box” Take a look at the packages we have.

“We’ve been doing this now since 2015 and feel that we have found a formula that really works” says Jessica. “We now want to share our experience with up-and-coming businesses that want to get involved with hashtag printing.”

With their packaged system, anyone can be up-and-running within hours. “We make sure that everything is connected and working properly before our package ever leaves the warehouse. It’s just another service that we do to give our clients a peace-of-mind” says Jason.

Elevate Hashtag Printing

If more businesses take the time and really enhance their hashtag printing services the right way, Tic-Tac-Tag can aid in creating awareness and increasing the demand for this type of service within the consumer market. By selling their packaged systems to new business owners as well as the existing ones, they hope that they can equip these businesses with the tools they need to really give this service the spotlight it deserves.

Get more information about our “Box” Take a look at the packages we have.

2018 “Couples’ Choice” Awards Recipient by

2018 Couples' Choice Award

WeddingWire Winner 2018
We are so excited to announce that we have been chosen to be recipients of the 2018 “Couples’ Choice” award from This award recognizes the top 5% vendors on Weddingwire. It’s all thanks to you, our client’s that we helped out in the past year. We are so humbled and pleased to see that we have received this great recognition.

About the Couples’ Choice Awards®

The WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards recognize the top 5% of local wedding professionals on WeddingWire that demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. Winners are selected solely based on reviews from more than a million newlyweds and are determined by a combination of excellence in four factors: overall rating, total number of reviews, review performance from 2017, and consistency of reviews from year to year.

Thank you once again to all our past clients’ and for all your encouraging words and support. We are driven once again to continue our excellent service and make 2018 another great year. Please spread the word and service of Tic-Tac-Tag as well as hashtag printing in general. With more-and-more wedding hashtags being created by couples for their special day, we want to let them know that this service exists and is a great option to have at their wedding.

We’re the Official #Hashtag Printer for Indie Wed 2018

The time of year has come again for all those couples who are looking for “something unique” to have at their wedding. What is that service, product or gift that will make your special day truly stand out, come and find out. Indie Wed will be in Chicago on February 3, 2018 at the Ravenswood Event Center from 10a–4p. So come early and stay till they close as there will be over 100 vendors ready to share with you how they can make your day unforgettable.

Do you have a wedding hashtag? Are you looking into having a photo booth? Then you’ll love what we can provide. Your guests will already be sharing your wedding on Instagram or Twitter all day, give them another good reason and a “thank you” gift whenever they use your unique wedding hashtag—when guests posts to Instagram or Twitter with your special wedding hashtag, a 4×6 photo will print out automatically from our printer in seconds for them to pick up and enjoy.

Tic-Tac-Tag will be activating on the second floor of Indie Wed with the hashtag #IndieWed — Booth #59 — come up there and see how we can make your day extra special and while your up there try out our printer.

Plenty of free parking available along Ravenswood Ave. The venue is also 1/2 block north of the Irving Park brown line station.

Indie Wed will feature:

  • Amazing vendors from the Midwest and beyond
  • Three (3) full floors of vendors
  • Food & beverage tastings
  • Musical performances
  • Wandering models featuring spectacular bridal fashions
  • Reusable canvas swag bag to the first 50 brides/grooms-to-be in line (1 per household)
  • A special Wedtoberfest-themed lounge with lots of surprises
  • and much more

Please note that online ticket sales end at 12 pm on Friday, February 2, 2018

Tickets are priced as follows:

  • Advanced Online = $15/single or $25 /couple
  • Day Of / At The Door = $20/person cash or through app online
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10 Awesome Photos Shared to A Wedding Hashtag

Guests sharing images to the wedding hashtag on Instagram

There are only so many photos and moments that your photographer can capture. From being pulled left-and-right, taking detail shots, pre and post wedding shots, etc…..couples just have a TON to do.  At the end of the day, you’re going to get some fabulous shots in the form of an album that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life.

There is also another resource at your wedding that’s taking photos, photos that you may never have been seen because it can get easily lost in the shuffle of “social media” — these are the photos that your 150—200 guests may be posting on Instagram or Twitter; sharing quick snippets, stories and even detail from your wedding to their circle of friends, co-workers and network; capturing moments from your wedding that really take you into the ground floor of how it was being a guest at your wedding.  What did they see? How did your wedding look to them? What caught their attention? And what memories did they walk away with?

Here are 10 photos that were taken from actual guests at some of our clients’ weddings and shared to Instagram or Twitter.  Luckily, these couples had a wedding hashtag, so guests were able to share these photos to their network of friends while at the same time making them easily accessible for the wedding couple to cherish forever.


Beautiful shot of the couple after the ceremony

Beautiful shot of the couple after the ceremony.


A real fun shot of all the couple's cousins in one place. A rare occurrence captured for all to share.

A fun shot of all the couple’s cousins in one place…a rare occurrence captured for all to share.


The bride silently watches as her bridal party lines up for the introductions.

The bride taking in the moment as her bridal party lines up for the introductions.


The groom quietly prepping as he gathers his thoughts for the moment.

The groom quietly prepping as he gathers his thoughts before the ceremony.


The bride anticipating the arrival to the reception.

The bride anticipating the arrival to the reception.


Touching embraces from close family and friends.

Touching embraces from close family and friends.


The bride and groom was able to get some alone time before the guests arrived into the reception room.

The bride and groom sharing a special moment before guests arrive for the reception.


The bride and groom gets tossed up in an old cultural tradition.

The bride and groom get tossed up in an old cultural tradition.


The bridal couple sharing some silliness before their big day.

The bridal couple sharing some silliness before their big day.


Finally the couple was able to take a breather, before heading back into the madness of the reception.

The newlyweds sharing an intimate moment before heading back into the madness of the reception.

5 Reasons to Why You Need a Wedding Hashtag

  • Save the Date—check!
  • Invitations—check! 
  • Wedding Colors—check!
  • Wedding Dress—check!
  • Tux—check!
  • Venue—check!
  • Wedding hashtag—check!

Social media is ingrained into our society now and plays a normal role into how we live our lives and socialize with each other. Since it’s part of your everyday life whether or not you use social media you should embrace it, because your guests will be using it regardless if you have your wedding unplugged. These are the reasons why you need a wedding hashtag:


You will be able to view all your social media images on various platforms just by entering in your hashtag. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook are the popular platforms that will let you search by hashtags.


Hashtag’s a great way to organize your photos on social media, just think as hashtags as file folders giving you a way to index the content you share on social media. Think about it, just by combining a search with #YourWeddingHashtag and #cake you may be able to see photos taken of your wedding cake.


Social media has been here now for 10+ years with a momentum that seems to keep growing and getting stronger. Using your wedding hashtags is a great way for your family, friends and you help capture and save those special moments from your wedding day as well as the moments that led to that momentous event—the bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, family gathering, engagement, etc.


Not only will it look great on your save the dates and invitations, but preparing signage for your guests and inserting it within programs and menus will let your guests know what to use when they post on social media— instead of making up various non-existent hashtags that you would never use—that you have designated a special hashtag for your special occasion.


Outside of the infamous selfie, your guests will be taking photos of your centerpieces, the venue, your dress and the tiny details that you have spent long nights trying to decide on. Having a wedding hashtag gives them the mouthpiece to share how much they appreciate the thinking that went behind your special day and give recognition to the vendors that have helped make it unforgettable.


6 Hashtag Generators You Might Find Helpful

Spending a lot of late nights and hours throughout the day trying to dream up the perfect #WeddingHashtag for you and yours? Take a look at these hashtag generators that we have found worked as great thought starters—or another great way to pass the time.

Not only are they a great wedding resource, but they have also incorporated a pretty involved hashtag generator which utilizes names, nicknames, wedding dates, locations and setttings—you gotta just try it.

Past Book

We work with PastBook in having them print out our client’s book utilizing their Instagram + Hashtag tool. Just recently they incorporated a hashtag generator. Pretty similar to Weddingwire, they take names, nicknames, dates, location and settings.

Wedding Paper Divas

This tool is a little bit more simplified than Weddingwire and PastBook, but its still worth a shot.

Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding Hashtag Wall has a simple hashtag generator that just focuses on the couple’s names with an optional wedding date. We just thought you’d be interested in seeing their live photo feed service, signs and other fun stuff that they have on their site. Check them out.


eWedding has an in-depth form to help build your wedding hashtag, but while your there, check out their website service as well.

Wedding Mix

Wedding Mix has nice generator as well where you can input names, dates and the type of wedding: classic, fun, offbeat. This might be a fun generator to check out. Also, you should check out their main service which is creating video stories using


Quick ways to get people using your #HASHTAG Today!

Quick ways to get people using your #HASHTAG Today!

We all know we’re living in a very greedy world. A world where asking someone to brush their teeth is like pulling teeth (don’t believe me? you haven’t met my kids). But through those problems we find solutions and in this instance I am going to focus on “bribery.” If I promised to give my kids a new book, toy or slime (oh YouTube!) they didn’t hesitate to do anything and everything that I asked for until they got what was promised. Through this simple concept we can determine that for people to do something that we want them to do (like use your hashtag)—you need to give them something. So let’s change the word “bribery” into something more acceptable “incentive.”

…for people to do something that we want them to do (like use your hashtag)—you need to give them something.
How can you incentivize users to utilize your #hashtag?

This is the big question that we need to answer and to be honest this requires more than one answer. Because of the fact that there are so many different facets to social media, there really is no “one” solution that will suffice. Instead it’s building out a plan that will get the user to interact from wherever they are: social media, online or onsite activations.

…building out a plan that will get the user to interact from wherever they are
Social Media

Let’s break things down place by place starting with the most obvious social media. Twitter is where hashtags originated from simply because this is the only way tweets can be categorized without really being categorized (does that make sense?) but more like grouped within certain conversations. So where does your hashtag come into play? Simple, join the conversations (or #hashtags) that are relevant to you and squeeze your hashtag into the 140 character message limit, and bring attention to your CTA through your incentive or contest—this is called hijacking a topic—but keep in mind that your message should stay relevant. This also works with other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can run simple contests and monitor winners though the number of LIKES, RETWEETS, REPOSTS or MENTIONS.


With social media aside how else can you incentivize users to use your hashtag? Use the voice of your current users. These are the users that already know about you or your company. These users are frequents to your website, e-commerce site, blogs, email and newsletters as well as (yes, i’m mentioning it once again…) social media. These are the best people to share your #hashtag with because they already have an affinity for you or your brand. Twisting their arm is not going to be hard at all and you should use them to help share your message across platforms whether this for a new product release, charity effort, movement, etc. You can incentivize these users with special discounts, exclusive party invites, webinar invites, special interviews, free downloadable content—basically anything that will continue to build affinity and community with your core group.


This is the tricky one. This is the culmination of both new and existing users coming together in one place—with everything going on at an event activation you definitely need to have an edge over everyone else when it comes to experiential marketing otherwise you will be overlooked. So what should you do? Look at what everyone is at the event to do and see how you can take a advantage of their “normal” activity. Here are a couple scenarios:

  • People will be eating: Do a “foodie” shot challenge with your hashtag, best photo gets a prize, mention or repost.
  • People will be drinking: Give away free drinks with a hashtag mention, DM users with the incentive quickly after the post.
  • People will be dancing: Share a quick video of your best dance move to your hashtag to win a free swag gift.
  • People will be listening to a seminar: Giveaway free branded notepads and pens for a post.
  • People will be taking photos: Hire a real-time hashtag printer such as Tic-Tac-Tag ( Guests can receive a free photo print out of their post on a branded 4×6 template when they use your hashtag within seconds.

These are just some quick ideas that you can implement today or plan for in upcoming marketing events to help amplify your social media engagement using the event hashtag. At the end of the day, the most important thing that you can do is share your hashtag across all mediums and let your users know that you will be leveraging a special hashtag for discussions, promotions or incentives.

The secret to a perfect wedding hashtag

One of the hardest decisions to make — outside of which font to go with on your invitations — is trying to nail down the perfect hashtag. Think about it, your wedding hashtag will follow you on social media for the rest of the existence of social media. So the big question… “How do you come up with the perfect wedding hashtag?” Here are three (3) things to keep in mind that may help:

Make sure it’s meaningful

One of the best advice that we have for your wedding hashtag, is to make sure there is a reason to the madness. Does it combine your names in any way? how does it reflect you as a couple? is there an underlying “inside” joke? will your friends and family get it? whatever it is, ask yourself a a couple: “Is this hashtag significant to us in any way, shape or form?”

Easy to read… and type

Your guests will be using your hashtag when these two things happen at the same time:

  1. Something related to your wedding happening.
  2. They feel like to posting to social media.

So let’s not make it too hard for them while keeping the margin of error at a minimum.


What does that even mean? a hashtag is not a plant. What we mean is simply this, try to come up with a hashtag that can ultimately follow you as a couple long after your special day—plain and simple.

We’d love to hear what you finally decided to go with. Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us with #tictactag or @tictactag.

Wedding Hashtag? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Start Sharing It with your Guests Today

5 Simple Ways to Share Your Wedding Hashtag

To many couples their wedding hashtag holds much significance—it’s the public display of social nuptial acceptance! The social form of a “supercouple name mashup” like Brangelina or Kimye. Ok, maybe not the official display of nuptial acceptance, but a very close second.

So the big question: “We got this great wedding hashtag, now how do we share it with our friends and family?” It’s actually pretty simple and there are only a few things you probably need to do from now until the big day.

Start using your wedding hashtag today!

From this point on, when you are doing anything “wedding-related” or “couple-related” use your wedding hashtag. If you want to keep things sacred and not reveal too much, don’t go into detail with your posts but post “moments” from your moments (does that make sense or is it too vague?) Here’s an example: “take and share moments at the cake tasting, but don’t reveal the cake you chose”—making sense now?

Share your hashtag on the “Save the Dates”

This may be the actual moment that you reveal your “wedding hashtag” and when people may start paying attention… you know, after the moment you reveal when you’re actually getting married. It’s in this “document of declaration” when you solidify to your friends and family the utmost important and intimate details of your special day—and announcing the fact that from this point on you will be documenting your wedding journey on social media with this unique hashtag.

Add your hashtag in your wedding invitation

At this point, your friends and family probably have a good sense that this wedding hashtag is sticking around and not disappearing anytime soon. By placing it in your invitation you are solidifying the fact that the date is set, you are planning to marry whomever you said in the invitation and that this wedding hashtag is what you are going to use as your way of capturing your wedding journey on social media.

Put your hashtag on your wedding website

Many couples today are launching a mini wedding website, this is definitely a great way to share last minute details, messages and notification to your guests. This is also a great way to share your wedding hashtag once more and display to your guests the content that already live on social media through the use of various social plugins, modules or components.

Challenge your friends and family

Want to get your friends and family involved in using your wedding hashtag while creating your social media wedding story at the same time? Simply ask them to post or repost memories of you growing up or moments of you as a couple just beginning your journey and share it with your hashtag.

If you have more ideas or want to share what you’ve done to make your wedding hashtag a pinnacle part of your special day, email us at