June 21, 2017 Jason Uzarraga

The secret to a perfect wedding hashtag

One of the hardest decisions to make — outside of which font to go with on your invitations — is trying to nail down the perfect hashtag. Think about it, your wedding hashtag will follow you on social media for the rest of the existence of social media. So the big question… “How do you come up with the perfect wedding hashtag?” Here are three (3) things to keep in mind that may help:

Make sure it’s meaningful

One of the best advice that we have for your wedding hashtag, is to make sure there is a reason to the madness. Does it combine your names in any way? how does it reflect you as a couple? is there an underlying “inside” joke? will your friends and family get it? whatever it is, ask yourself a a couple: “Is this hashtag significant to us in any way, shape or form?”

Easy to read… and type

Your guests will be using your hashtag when these two things happen at the same time:

  1. Something related to your wedding happening.
  2. They feel like to posting to social media.

So let’s not make it too hard for them while keeping the margin of error at a minimum.


What does that even mean? a hashtag is not a plant. What we mean is simply this, try to come up with a hashtag that can ultimately follow you as a couple long after your special day—plain and simple.

We’d love to hear what you finally decided to go with. Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us with #tictactag or @tictactag.

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