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5 Reasons to Why You Need a Wedding Hashtag

  • Save the Date—check!
  • Invitations—check! 
  • Wedding Colors—check!
  • Wedding Dress—check!
  • Tux—check!
  • Venue—check!
  • Wedding hashtag—check!

Social media is ingrained into our society now and plays a normal role into how we live our lives and socialize with each other. Since it’s part of your everyday life whether or not you use social media you should embrace it, because your guests will be using it regardless if you have your wedding unplugged. These are the reasons why you need a wedding hashtag:


You will be able to view all your social media images on various platforms just by entering in your hashtag. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook are the popular platforms that will let you search by hashtags.


Hashtag’s a great way to organize your photos on social media, just think as hashtags as file folders giving you a way to index the content you share on social media. Think about it, just by combining a search with #YourWeddingHashtag and #cake you may be able to see photos taken of your wedding cake.


Social media has been here now for 10+ years with a momentum that seems to keep growing and getting stronger. Using your wedding hashtags is a great way for your family, friends and you help capture and save those special moments from your wedding day as well as the moments that led to that momentous event—the bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, family gathering, engagement, etc.


Not only will it look great on your save the dates and invitations, but preparing signage for your guests and inserting it within programs and menus will let your guests know what to use when they post on social media— instead of making up various non-existent hashtags that you would never use—that you have designated a special hashtag for your special occasion.


Outside of the infamous selfie, your guests will be taking photos of your centerpieces, the venue, your dress and the tiny details that you have spent long nights trying to decide on. Having a wedding hashtag gives them the mouthpiece to share how much they appreciate the thinking that went behind your special day and give recognition to the vendors that have helped make it unforgettable.


6 Hashtag Generators You Might Find Helpful

Spending a lot of late nights and hours throughout the day trying to dream up the perfect #WeddingHashtag for you and yours? Take a look at these hashtag generators that we have found worked as great thought starters—or another great way to pass the time.

Not only are they a great wedding resource, but they have also incorporated a pretty involved hashtag generator which utilizes names, nicknames, wedding dates, locations and setttings—you gotta just try it.

Past Book

We work with PastBook in having them print out our client’s book utilizing their Instagram + Hashtag tool. Just recently they incorporated a hashtag generator. Pretty similar to Weddingwire, they take names, nicknames, dates, location and settings.

Wedding Paper Divas

This tool is a little bit more simplified than Weddingwire and PastBook, but its still worth a shot.

Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding Hashtag Wall has a simple hashtag generator that just focuses on the couple’s names with an optional wedding date. We just thought you’d be interested in seeing their live photo feed service, signs and other fun stuff that they have on their site. Check them out.


eWedding has an in-depth form to help build your wedding hashtag, but while your there, check out their website service as well.

Wedding Mix

Wedding Mix has nice generator as well where you can input names, dates and the type of wedding: classic, fun, offbeat. This might be a fun generator to check out. Also, you should check out their main service which is creating video stories using


Quick ways to get people using your #HASHTAG Today!

Quick ways to get people using your #HASHTAG Today!

We all know we’re living in a very greedy world. A world where asking someone to brush their teeth is like pulling teeth (don’t believe me? you haven’t met my kids). But through those problems we find solutions and in this instance I am going to focus on “bribery.” If I promised to give my kids a new book, toy or slime (oh YouTube!) they didn’t hesitate to do anything and everything that I asked for until they got what was promised. Through this simple concept we can determine that for people to do something that we want them to do (like use your hashtag)—you need to give them something. So let’s change the word “bribery” into something more acceptable “incentive.”

…for people to do something that we want them to do (like use your hashtag)—you need to give them something.
How can you incentivize users to utilize your #hashtag?

This is the big question that we need to answer and to be honest this requires more than one answer. Because of the fact that there are so many different facets to social media, there really is no “one” solution that will suffice. Instead it’s building out a plan that will get the user to interact from wherever they are: social media, online or onsite activations.

…building out a plan that will get the user to interact from wherever they are
Social Media

Let’s break things down place by place starting with the most obvious social media. Twitter is where hashtags originated from simply because this is the only way tweets can be categorized without really being categorized (does that make sense?) but more like grouped within certain conversations. So where does your hashtag come into play? Simple, join the conversations (or #hashtags) that are relevant to you and squeeze your hashtag into the 140 character message limit, and bring attention to your CTA through your incentive or contest—this is called hijacking a topic—but keep in mind that your message should stay relevant. This also works with other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can run simple contests and monitor winners though the number of LIKES, RETWEETS, REPOSTS or MENTIONS.


With social media aside how else can you incentivize users to use your hashtag? Use the voice of your current users. These are the users that already know about you or your company. These users are frequents to your website, e-commerce site, blogs, email and newsletters as well as (yes, i’m mentioning it once again…) social media. These are the best people to share your #hashtag with because they already have an affinity for you or your brand. Twisting their arm is not going to be hard at all and you should use them to help share your message across platforms whether this for a new product release, charity effort, movement, etc. You can incentivize these users with special discounts, exclusive party invites, webinar invites, special interviews, free downloadable content—basically anything that will continue to build affinity and community with your core group.


This is the tricky one. This is the culmination of both new and existing users coming together in one place—with everything going on at an event activation you definitely need to have an edge over everyone else when it comes to experiential marketing otherwise you will be overlooked. So what should you do? Look at what everyone is at the event to do and see how you can take a advantage of their “normal” activity. Here are a couple scenarios:

  • People will be eating: Do a “foodie” shot challenge with your hashtag, best photo gets a prize, mention or repost.
  • People will be drinking: Give away free drinks with a hashtag mention, DM users with the incentive quickly after the post.
  • People will be dancing: Share a quick video of your best dance move to your hashtag to win a free swag gift.
  • People will be listening to a seminar: Giveaway free branded notepads and pens for a post.
  • People will be taking photos: Hire a real-time hashtag printer such as Tic-Tac-Tag ( Guests can receive a free photo print out of their post on a branded 4×6 template when they use your hashtag within seconds.

These are just some quick ideas that you can implement today or plan for in upcoming marketing events to help amplify your social media engagement using the event hashtag. At the end of the day, the most important thing that you can do is share your hashtag across all mediums and let your users know that you will be leveraging a special hashtag for discussions, promotions or incentives.

The secret to a perfect wedding hashtag

One of the hardest decisions to make — outside of which font to go with on your invitations — is trying to nail down the perfect hashtag. Think about it, your wedding hashtag will follow you on social media for the rest of the existence of social media. So the big question… “How do you come up with the perfect wedding hashtag?” Here are three (3) things to keep in mind that may help:

Make sure it’s meaningful

One of the best advice that we have for your wedding hashtag, is to make sure there is a reason to the madness. Does it combine your names in any way? how does it reflect you as a couple? is there an underlying “inside” joke? will your friends and family get it? whatever it is, ask yourself a a couple: “Is this hashtag significant to us in any way, shape or form?”

Easy to read… and type

Your guests will be using your hashtag when these two things happen at the same time:

  1. Something related to your wedding happening.
  2. They feel like to posting to social media.

So let’s not make it too hard for them while keeping the margin of error at a minimum.


What does that even mean? a hashtag is not a plant. What we mean is simply this, try to come up with a hashtag that can ultimately follow you as a couple long after your special day—plain and simple.

We’d love to hear what you finally decided to go with. Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us with #tictactag or @tictactag.

Wedding Hashtag? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Start Sharing It with your Guests Today

5 Simple Ways to Share Your Wedding Hashtag

To many couples their wedding hashtag holds much significance—it’s the public display of social nuptial acceptance! The social form of a “supercouple name mashup” like Brangelina or Kimye. Ok, maybe not the official display of nuptial acceptance, but a very close second.

So the big question: “We got this great wedding hashtag, now how do we share it with our friends and family?” It’s actually pretty simple and there are only a few things you probably need to do from now until the big day.

Start using your wedding hashtag today!

From this point on, when you are doing anything “wedding-related” or “couple-related” use your wedding hashtag. If you want to keep things sacred and not reveal too much, don’t go into detail with your posts but post “moments” from your moments (does that make sense or is it too vague?) Here’s an example: “take and share moments at the cake tasting, but don’t reveal the cake you chose”—making sense now?

Share your hashtag on the “Save the Dates”

This may be the actual moment that you reveal your “wedding hashtag” and when people may start paying attention… you know, after the moment you reveal when you’re actually getting married. It’s in this “document of declaration” when you solidify to your friends and family the utmost important and intimate details of your special day—and announcing the fact that from this point on you will be documenting your wedding journey on social media with this unique hashtag.

Add your hashtag in your wedding invitation

At this point, your friends and family probably have a good sense that this wedding hashtag is sticking around and not disappearing anytime soon. By placing it in your invitation you are solidifying the fact that the date is set, you are planning to marry whomever you said in the invitation and that this wedding hashtag is what you are going to use as your way of capturing your wedding journey on social media.

Put your hashtag on your wedding website

Many couples today are launching a mini wedding website, this is definitely a great way to share last minute details, messages and notification to your guests. This is also a great way to share your wedding hashtag once more and display to your guests the content that already live on social media through the use of various social plugins, modules or components.

Challenge your friends and family

Want to get your friends and family involved in using your wedding hashtag while creating your social media wedding story at the same time? Simply ask them to post or repost memories of you growing up or moments of you as a couple just beginning your journey and share it with your hashtag.

If you have more ideas or want to share what you’ve done to make your wedding hashtag a pinnacle part of your special day, email us at

#FountainOfLove: The Wedding of Chris and Dana Fountain

The wedding of Chris and Dana Fountain

5:00 pm and the tables are just being set. We just walked into the brand new Row 24 event venue in Chicago, IL. Just inside, we were greeted by an amazing 20′ chandelier that hung from the center of the room, on our left side a grass wall with with the quote “It was all a dream”—a great quote to end any magical evening.

Props setup

Props setup

Our setup was located on the second floor which overlooked the main room—an intimate location but it was still able to hold over 50 guests. Within minutes we were setup and ready to go, printing out existing photos from their hashtag #FountainOfLove2017 on Instagram and Twitter. One of the great things about our service—minimal space—because we don’t have large booth, Row 24 just equipped us with a few high-boys and electricity and that’s all we needed.

With much time between now and when the guests arrived, we were able to walk around and take in the details of the wedding—chandelier wall sconces, centerpiece arrangements and tiny signs of our activation of each table (a great way to share how our activation works to their guests).

Table hashtag signs

Table hashtag signs

6:00 pm the entourage arrives. Laughter and loud conversations started to fill the room as the entourage entered the reception. Heading straight upstairs to view the main floor from the second level, the guests were greeted by our activation and quickly took flight in posting photos from earlier in the day. The excitement filled the air as the bride and groom found the best spot for photos right in front of our setup. Activation is on.

No need to leave the table. Take a photo from anywhere, anytime.

No need to leave the table. Take a photo from anywhere, anytime.

7:00 pm the food cometh, but the photos never end. The one thing that guests and the bridal couple really love about our activation is that there is no idle time. Because our system is driven by a wedding hashtag posted to Instagram or Twitter, there really is no need to get up from the table and wait in line to get your photos. You can do it virtually anywhere and at anytime.

8:00 pm – 11:00 pm reception is ON and our activation is blowing UP. With the food done and the music bumping, there is really one thing to do—take your photos and hashtag away! At this time, the guests are on their feet, filled with liquid courage and ready to get more social. The word about our activation has spread throughout the reception by this time and now everyone was eager to get their printout. The rest of the night was a blur as happiness and joy filled the space.

So skip the long lines to the photo booth and forget about the stressful dilemma of asking your group: “Serious pose? Duckface? Silly face?” With us at your wedding, your guests will get the photo that they want, when they want.

Congratulations to you Chris and Dana Fountain, much success in your life together!


Why The Hashtag Printing Trend Is Heating Up

Hashtag Printing Trend

It’s all about the souvenir photo, when it comes to conferences and festivals these days. It seems that any and every gathering worth its digital weight is incorporating the hashtag printing station. Not only are they turning up everywhere; but the station and its surrounding vicinity is like a magnet, attracting people from the time the venue doors open to the time they close. This is all thanks to a little piece of technology known as the hashtag printer. But why, in an era that promotes an ephemeral tech experience, does the contemporary event attendee love a tangible photo-to-go, and how did this small bit of technology get on the “it” list?

It’s an interesting question given today’s fast-paced world. As focused as an attendee may be on speed-networking, dart-in film viewing, and drive-by panel listening, people will stop and actually take a photo at a designated location if they know that once they place that photo on Instagram or Twitter with a previously assigned hashtag, they can also obtain the same photo from a station in their hands within just seconds. Call it the Hashtag Printer Effect which, although such printers have been on the scene for a bit, seems to be growing in popularity and a making its way as an emerging trend just the last few months.

Here’s how it works. Though there are some variations, basically there is software that speaks to a printer. Not just any printer, mind you. It’s a printer is specifically made to connect to the Internet. The printer is programmed to scan for a particular hashtag(s) and then pulls them. The printer then automatically prints all the photos for the appointed hashtag(s), until last man standing at said event. Sometimes the printer station even includes a big touchscreen with an ever-updating grid of thumbnail pictures that shows all the photos already taken, which can be tapped, enlarged, viewed, and even printed again. Sometimes the area includes just a good old fashioned large easel-of-sorts where an assistant is madly pulling the photos and sticking them to the area as people hunt curiously for their own while observing all the others as if they are museum pieces. It’s fascinating to watch this in action. Typically the modem inside printer connects to Wi-Fi, 3G, or a 4G LTE, and the whole thing needs nothing more than an electrical outlet to start the photo fun. Some printers can even have handle the printing of up to 300 pictures from a single color cartridge.

Interested in getting a hashtag printer for your next event?  Book us today!

The whole scenario is rather ingenious because the technology encourages social media exposure of an event and/or brand while also offering a printed souvenir from the event. The prints, themselves, can even be branded. More importantly this is about technology driving engagement and impressions. Case studies involving names from Acura to the University of Michigan can range from a reach of a few hundred thousand to half a billion!

While reported last year as an area-to-watch, it seems that the hashtag printing phenomenon will become a bonafide hit. This could be due in large part to the fact that a large part of the Millennial demographic gravitates toward experience. Millennials, for the most part, are on social media platforms. Thus, capturing experience via social is a a winner. But the reason is greater than mere mechanics. According to, we like souvenirs because they preserve the past. Apparently, that’s still worth something. It helps us ground in a world rife with disruption. There’s also a kind of cool factor involved that intersects with instant gratification. You can get it in seconds, but you can’t just get it anywhere – yet. In essence, the hashtag printer is speaking today’s lifestyle language. Plus, the smaller versions literally fits inside the center of the palm of your hand driving the cute factor up even higher. The old school photo booth, with its questionable quality, gets a major face-lift (pun intended). And it’s all provided for free thanks to the conference, sponsor, event. Who knew that printers could create fervor?


Case Study: Hashtag Marketing: #Dragapalooza

Case Study—Dragapalooza Infographic

Case Study—Dragapalooza Infographic



Tic-Tac-Tag was invited to #Dragapalooza by Miller Lite to help promote and spread the word about #Dragapalooza on social media.

Event Background

Two nights, two stages, dozens of queens, hunky male dancers, and burlesque entertainers will be taking over Sidetrack for a production like no other to benefit Equality Illinois. For over 20 years, Chicago’s longest-running drag benefit has celebrated the campy, the beautiful, the avant-garde and the down right trendsetting Chicago Drag Community. This year the festival introduces its new name: DRAGAPALOOZA.

Love Love Love this technology, makes it easy and fun to get a photo while at the same time you’re helping spread awareness for your cause and event.


Number of Attendees

Average 300 patrons each night

Number of posts


Number of users


Total reach


Total impressions


Tic-Tac-Tag did a great job making sure everyone knew how to use their system and get their photo. Awesome job guys!

Download Infographic here

Recap: Indie Wed 2017

Indie Wed Recap

Indie Wed Recap

3:00pm, Friday, we finished setting up for the big day. We really didn’t know what to expect, this wasn’t our first wedding expo, so we figured it was going to be like the others we participated in.

Doors opened at 11am on Saturday, silence, all we heard was the small talk happening with our neighboring vendors nothing more. We were after all on the second floor, so we knew that guests were not going to get to us for another 15-to-20 minutes.

Then it happened, the first couple arrived, bright-eyed and excited to see what was waiting for them on the second floor—music began to play from the floor DJ and then the crowd grew and grew… and grew.

“Does your wedding have a hashtag?”

30 minutes into the expo our floor was jam packed. Jessica and I were bombarded by so many interested and inquiring couples, many of which never heard or seen of a service such as ours. Every time I saw a new couple walk by I had to figure out a quick way to flag them down before it was too late—”Does your wedding have a hashtag?”—that was the key question that caused many to stop and talk.

Wedding Hashtag

You see many couples these days are coming out with a wedding hashtag, “why you ask?” Simple, because we are living in a time where social media is rampant and the only natural way to organize tweets, posts and photos that are relevant to a certain time, subject or event is by using a hashtag.

It’s true, you want to see what people are saying about sneakers, type in #sneakers, you want to follow a particular movement, type in something like #blacklivesmatter you want to follow a wedding couple, type in the wedding hashtag such as #Eilers2016.

Couples today are more tech savvy and are open to using technology at their weddings. Don’t get me wrong, there are a fair share of couples out there that follow the “unplugged” rule. But at the end of the day weddings are a joyous occasion that are meant to be shared—for some it may be their only one, so get as much opportunity as you can to document and capture all the moments your wedding has to give.

But when it comes to guests actually using the wedding hashtag—this is where we shine. For many people, unless you get something for your efforts you usually won’t give anything. That is why the question “Does your wedding have a hashtag?” comes into play. Many couples spend hours upon hours coming up with the best hashtag, but then the thinking stops there. What do I do next? How do I get my friends and family to use it? Why should they use it? Simply posting your wedding hashtag on your napkins and invitations are good, but let’s be honest, who’s going to do it when there is no reward.

Many guests were ecstatic to learn about our service because it answered a lot of their questions

  • Incentivize your guests: Guests will receive a print out of the photo they just posted with the wedding hashtag
  • Real-time giveaways: Guests walk away with a remembrance of the wedding and not just a bottle of bubbles
  • Build your wedding story: The more your guest’s post, the more moments of your wedding gets captured—plain and simple
  • Skip the lines: No more long lines to the photo booth. This means have your guests take advantage of the venue you paid $$$ for and take photos from anywhere and at anytime
  • Don’t put your guests in a tiny box: Now guests have the opportunity to take large selfies and not worry about having just their elbow in the picture

What Guests Love

In speaking with the couples that came to Indie Wed and stopped by our booth, we found that they came for a few good reasons:

  1. Eclectic styles and ideas
  2. Unique vibe and rustic inspiration
  3. To find something new and different

We definitely answered number 2 and number 3, I wouldn’t say we’re eclectic, but hey, maybe some of the designs of the photo template could be considered eclectic—in which case, then we can answer number 1 as well.

All-in-all, the couples we met had a great time at Indie Wed 2017, they met many different types of vendors and came out more inspired to challenge their creativity for their most important day ever. Keep dreaming, we’re here to help.

5 reasons why you should have a Wedding Hashtag

5 reasons why you should have a Wedding Hashtag

With the popularity of Instagram and Twitter growing on a daily basis, brands and companies are jumping in feet first and owning unique hashtags. These hashtags ultimately help index and share the story of the larger conversation within a social platform.

But now couples are getting in on it, and want to build their wedding stories on Instagram and Twitter. Couples such as

  • #Eilers2016
  • #BandDAreMeantToBe
  • #StaceyGetsHandaled

With Tic-Tac-Tag at their reception, their guests get another good reason to snap and share—they’re photos get printed AUTOMATICALLY in real-time after they post with the wedding hashtag. Here is an activation that we just did with Christopher and Margaret Grady and they’re hashtag #TheRestIsGrady.

If you are interested in learning more, or even seeing if we are available on your wedding date, please contact us as soon as possible. Our 2017 calendar is filling up fast as well as our 2018 calendar.