April 5, 2018 Jason Uzarraga

Digital Mosaics Can Now Be Created with Your Event Hashtag

Real-Time Hashtag Created Digital Mosaic

Its been in the talks for a while…now its finally here!  We are rolling out a new service to our clients — Digital Mosaics*.

Along with the real-time print-outs of your guests’ Instagram or Twitter posts, your guests can now enjoy the challenge of revealing a mosaic image through their collaborative efforts of social posts.

This type of engagement within any brand activation or corporate event can definitely amplify and increase the social footprint in a small amount of time; building this sense of wonder will also develop community within your event through the common goal of completing a task through a joint effort.

How it works

The implementation is quite simple, because the mosaic is built digitally.  A true installation is not necessary—the mosaic can be displayed on a monitor, projected to a wall or shared on various screens throughout a venue.

After the setup is complete, just like before, all your guests would need to do is:

  1. Take their photo
  2. Post it to Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag (public accounts only)
  3. Pick up their photo and watch the mosaic populate. Simple.

Here are a few example screens:

Digital Mosaic Wall

Amplify Brand Activations


Digital Mosaic Wall

Build Community within your Organization


Digital Mosaic for Weddings

Come Together at Weddings


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Advantages of a Digital Mosaic

Clients are always looking for a fun and different way to build buzz and engagement within the experiential space. Many times, executions are not very versatile and because of that cannot be transferred from one execution to another without major adjustments.  Because our mosaics are digital, they can be projected on a wall for one event and then, depending on the footprint, displayed on a monitor for the next.

Goals can also be adjusted before every event making sure the image is attainable for any size event. If the attendance is smaller than other events, the goal can be adjusted (i.e.”300 posts to complete the image to 80 public posts”).

How We’ve Helped Brands in the Past

Tic-Tac-Tag Brands is the experiential marketing arm for Tic-Tac-Tag. We have helped various brands strategize, implement and execute their on-site activations through our services and technology. Our efforts in real-time hashtag printing alone, have had much success in building an open dialogue between the brand and user in a space where brands needed to tread lightly in the past.

Digital Mosaics is another way to create buzz and excitement, in a space where brands want to engage with their users in a more personal & creative level.

Here are some sample implementations of the digital mosaic:

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*Digital Mosaics is in the final phase of beta-testing. Launching in Summer 2018.

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