New Year Brings New Vendors

New Year, New Vendors

With 2018 behind us and as we are moving forward into 2019, we are always on the look out to help your event succeed.  We don’t only try to find new ways of bringing fun and excitement to your next event with our products and services. But we also want to help you find great vendors that can help make your event ideas come to life.

Cut through the clutter of vendor hunting

Its definitely a task to sort through all the great vendors out there.  It’s also definitely a task to make sure these vendors follow-up on their promises. We want to be sure that we do our best to not only help you execute perfectly on the photo activation part of your event, but give you as much advice on the vendors that we’ve had the pleasure to work with and know to keep you informed on some of the industry’s best vendors.

Here’s our top picks for January 2019

Now our list of vendors are not the see-all end-all list, because we know there are so many others vendors to know and work with. But it’s a nice short list of vendors that we’ve worked with in the past that we really feel have done a bang up job in executing events alongside our activation.

Now our list of vendors are not the see-all end-all list, because we know there are so many others vendors to know and work with.

Download our list of vendors here

“O” Booth – Our cloud-based open-air photo booth

O Booth - Open Air Concept Photo booth

After three years of hashtag printing, we wanted to bring in a service that will not only add to a guests’ experience at any event such as a church function, sporting event, wedding, birthday parties, but to also come up with a tool that will help expand our clients’ ability to build a marketing strategy and campaign around during their brand activations. That is when we brought in the “O” Booth – our first cloud-based open-air photo booth.

add to a guests’ experience at any event such as a church function, sporting event, wedding, birthday parties

O Booth - Open Air Concept Photo booth

O Booth – Open Air Concept Photo booth

Capture photos, capture data

Data is key and we understand that, that is why our “O” Booths have the capability of capturing email addresses and phone numbers. The user-flow is seamless, as guests take their photos, make gifs or boomerangs, our system simply then asks for an email or phone number to send their photos to, simple. To get even more information from your guest we can also toss in a few questions before the experience is finally over. (e.g. “Who is your mobile provider?” or “What age group are you in?”)

O Booth - Open Air Concept Photo booth

O Booth – Open Air Concept Photo booth

This photo booth is in the “CLOUD”

Where our system really takes a leap in technology is how our system is setup, processed and stored. Yes… our system is “cloud-based,” what does that mean to us and how does our clients’ benefit? We will always have full remote access to your event(s) no matter where our booth or your event is, because of that we can:

  • Update elements of your event(s) at any time
  • Add or remove components to your event(s) on-the-fly
  • Create a new event(s) under each client to use. This is especially great for clients with longer leases and plans to activate various events throughout the year.

Because the events are on the cloud, we also have access to a real-time dashboard where we can monitor how many photos have been taken, how many photos have been shared and gather many more informative metrics for our clients’ marketing team to use.

Need more information? No worries we have it! Just ask.

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O Booth - Open Air Concept Photo booth

O Booth – Open Air Concept Photo booth

More features means more fun

Our “O” booths come action-packed with many new innovative features:

  • Crazy Cool Photo Effects: Animated GIF, Boomerang, Bursts, Single Shots, Face Altering filters, Green Screen GIF, Animated Green Screen, Magic Green Screen (magically removes the background and replaces with your custom background)
  • Face Tracking Digital Props and Animated Digital Props: Add face tracking digital props and animated digital props to any Single Shot or GIF photo – just like SnapChat!
  • Fully Brandable Everything: Branded attract screen, branded image overlays, branded image galleries, customizable email and sharing language – all for increased exposure.
  • Instant Social Sharing: Share via social media, text (SMS) or email.
  • Live Gallery: Your live image gallery is updated instantly after every photo taken for easy and quick sharing to social media.
  • Fully Brandable: Brandable start screen, image overlays, image galleries and customizable email and social sharing language – all for increased exposure.
  • Photo Queuing: Our software queues photo uploads when your internet connection is slow or drops so you never lose an image from an event.

Great for any occasion

The “O” Booth is a great feature to bring to any event. Our system sets up in 5-minutes and your guests will be taking photos within seconds. With its sleek design and ominous “O” ring who can say no.

With its sleek design and ominous “O” ring who can say no.


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Digital Mosaics Can Now Be Created with Your Event Hashtag

Real-Time Hashtag Created Digital Mosaic

Its been in the talks for a while…now its finally here!  We are rolling out a new service to our clients — Digital Mosaics*.

Along with the real-time print-outs of your guests’ Instagram or Twitter posts, your guests can now enjoy the challenge of revealing a mosaic image through their collaborative efforts of social posts.

This type of engagement within any brand activation or corporate event can definitely amplify and increase the social footprint in a small amount of time; building this sense of wonder will also develop community within your event through the common goal of completing a task through a joint effort.

How it works

The implementation is quite simple, because the mosaic is built digitally.  A true installation is not necessary—the mosaic can be displayed on a monitor, projected to a wall or shared on various screens throughout a venue.

After the setup is complete, just like before, all your guests would need to do is:

  1. Take their photo
  2. Post it to Instagram or Twitter with the event hashtag (public accounts only)
  3. Pick up their photo and watch the mosaic populate. Simple.

Here are a few example screens:

Digital Mosaic Wall

Amplify Brand Activations


Digital Mosaic Wall

Build Community within your Organization


Digital Mosaic for Weddings

Come Together at Weddings


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Advantages of a Digital Mosaic

Clients are always looking for a fun and different way to build buzz and engagement within the experiential space. Many times, executions are not very versatile and because of that cannot be transferred from one execution to another without major adjustments.  Because our mosaics are digital, they can be projected on a wall for one event and then, depending on the footprint, displayed on a monitor for the next.

Goals can also be adjusted before every event making sure the image is attainable for any size event. If the attendance is smaller than other events, the goal can be adjusted (i.e.”300 posts to complete the image to 80 public posts”).

How We’ve Helped Brands in the Past

Tic-Tac-Tag Brands is the experiential marketing arm for Tic-Tac-Tag. We have helped various brands strategize, implement and execute their on-site activations through our services and technology. Our efforts in real-time hashtag printing alone, have had much success in building an open dialogue between the brand and user in a space where brands needed to tread lightly in the past.

Digital Mosaics is another way to create buzz and excitement, in a space where brands want to engage with their users in a more personal & creative level.

Here are some sample implementations of the digital mosaic:

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*Digital Mosaics is in the final phase of beta-testing. Launching in Summer 2018.

5 Key Elements to Help Jumpstart Your Wedding Planning

Dance Floor

Wedding planning can be tough, but these days there are five key elements you should establish to ensure that the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly. We’ll run through them real quick right here so you can get back to your planning.

Pick out your wedding theme

Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme

This is important  because it sets up the rest of your planning—from the colors that you use to the dress that you wear—the theme dictates the tone of your entire wedding.  Here is a quick guide that will help open your eyes to the endless possibilities.

Colors and fonts

Colors and fonts

Colors and fonts

Believe it or not but aesthetics really plays a large role in motivating you to continually progress in your goal of achieving your perfect wedding.  This is a great flow right after you’ve figured out your theme, because this will now help guide you in picking out the right color dress for the bridesmaids as well as the colors for the groomsmen and ultimately the groom.  The Knot actually has a great assortment of tools to help you decide on the right color and get you on the right track.




Why is the venue a pinnacle area to decide?  The venue helps reinforce everything that you have decided up to this point.  Take for instance, if your theme was rustic, the only thing that would help take it to the top and reinforce your whole vision is by having your wedding at a barnfactoryvineyard, etc.  Although a banquet hall may work as well when decorated correctly, but let’s be honest, a vineyard be a great solution to give that real, rustic feel without having to create that feel in a banquet hall.

Wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtag

Couples these days have pretty much grown up in the cusp of technology and with that comes social media.  So why is having a wedding hashtag important? This helps centralize all your guests posts and communication when sharing your event on Instagram or Twitter.  Whether your wedding is plugged or unplugged, guests will not miss their chance to take photos with long-time friends and families.  Give them the chance to share those special moments and connections with you—because that’s what weddings are all about—the bringing together of friends and families to celebrate a special time in your life, capturing every moment.  Look at hashtag printing companies such as Tic-Tac-Tag to help enhance your guest’s experience.

Budget… Budget… Budget



Before you get caught in your wedding fantasy, you should know your budget. Once you know what number you need to stay within, it will help decipher how you are going to approach the wedding planning phase and where you will need roll up your sleeves and get creative with your support team (bridesmaids, groomsmen, sponsors, etc.) to get the job done. Weddingwire has a great tool to help you get started.

via The Bride Guide