Case Study: Hashtag Marketing: #Dragapalooza

Case Study—Dragapalooza Infographic

Case Study—Dragapalooza Infographic



Tic-Tac-Tag was invited to #Dragapalooza by Miller Lite to help promote and spread the word about #Dragapalooza on social media.

Event Background

Two nights, two stages, dozens of queens, hunky male dancers, and burlesque entertainers will be taking over Sidetrack for a production like no other to benefit Equality Illinois. For over 20 years, Chicago’s longest-running drag benefit has celebrated the campy, the beautiful, the avant-garde and the down right trendsetting Chicago Drag Community. This year the festival introduces its new name: DRAGAPALOOZA.

Love Love Love this technology, makes it easy and fun to get a photo while at the same time you’re helping spread awareness for your cause and event.


Number of Attendees

Average 300 patrons each night

Number of posts


Number of users


Total reach


Total impressions


Tic-Tac-Tag did a great job making sure everyone knew how to use their system and get their photo. Awesome job guys!

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Recap: Indie Wed 2017

Indie Wed Recap

Indie Wed Recap

3:00pm, Friday, we finished setting up for the big day. We really didn’t know what to expect, this wasn’t our first wedding expo, so we figured it was going to be like the others we participated in.

Doors opened at 11am on Saturday, silence, all we heard was the small talk happening with our neighboring vendors nothing more. We were after all on the second floor, so we knew that guests were not going to get to us for another 15-to-20 minutes.

Then it happened, the first couple arrived, bright-eyed and excited to see what was waiting for them on the second floor—music began to play from the floor DJ and then the crowd grew and grew… and grew.

“Does your wedding have a hashtag?”

30 minutes into the expo our floor was jam packed. Jessica and I were bombarded by so many interested and inquiring couples, many of which never heard or seen of a service such as ours. Every time I saw a new couple walk by I had to figure out a quick way to flag them down before it was too late—”Does your wedding have a hashtag?”—that was the key question that caused many to stop and talk.

Wedding Hashtag

You see many couples these days are coming out with a wedding hashtag, “why you ask?” Simple, because we are living in a time where social media is rampant and the only natural way to organize tweets, posts and photos that are relevant to a certain time, subject or event is by using a hashtag.

It’s true, you want to see what people are saying about sneakers, type in #sneakers, you want to follow a particular movement, type in something like #blacklivesmatter you want to follow a wedding couple, type in the wedding hashtag such as #Eilers2016.

Couples today are more tech savvy and are open to using technology at their weddings. Don’t get me wrong, there are a fair share of couples out there that follow the “unplugged” rule. But at the end of the day weddings are a joyous occasion that are meant to be shared—for some it may be their only one, so get as much opportunity as you can to document and capture all the moments your wedding has to give.

But when it comes to guests actually using the wedding hashtag—this is where we shine. For many people, unless you get something for your efforts you usually won’t give anything. That is why the question “Does your wedding have a hashtag?” comes into play. Many couples spend hours upon hours coming up with the best hashtag, but then the thinking stops there. What do I do next? How do I get my friends and family to use it? Why should they use it? Simply posting your wedding hashtag on your napkins and invitations are good, but let’s be honest, who’s going to do it when there is no reward.

Many guests were ecstatic to learn about our service because it answered a lot of their questions

  • Incentivize your guests: Guests will receive a print out of the photo they just posted with the wedding hashtag
  • Real-time giveaways: Guests walk away with a remembrance of the wedding and not just a bottle of bubbles
  • Build your wedding story: The more your guest’s post, the more moments of your wedding gets captured—plain and simple
  • Skip the lines: No more long lines to the photo booth. This means have your guests take advantage of the venue you paid $$$ for and take photos from anywhere and at anytime
  • Don’t put your guests in a tiny box: Now guests have the opportunity to take large selfies and not worry about having just their elbow in the picture

What Guests Love

In speaking with the couples that came to Indie Wed and stopped by our booth, we found that they came for a few good reasons:

  1. Eclectic styles and ideas
  2. Unique vibe and rustic inspiration
  3. To find something new and different

We definitely answered number 2 and number 3, I wouldn’t say we’re eclectic, but hey, maybe some of the designs of the photo template could be considered eclectic—in which case, then we can answer number 1 as well.

All-in-all, the couples we met had a great time at Indie Wed 2017, they met many different types of vendors and came out more inspired to challenge their creativity for their most important day ever. Keep dreaming, we’re here to help.